Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's been a great week!

Last Friday night when I got home from work, I was going through my mail and saw a card from Somerset Memories that said I was being published in the feb/mar issue. I thought that was wonderful and all, but didn't know what they were publishing as they usually send an email first to tell you what it is they are putting in. So when I got home last night and saw the feb/mar issue on the counter I couldn't wait to rip into it and see! Well, I had not one, but four layouts in it! I was soooooooo stinkin' excited I think Jeff thought I was nuts! The first one I came across was one I did of AJ and Jeff that I just absolutely love! Then there was one that I did of my sister, brother and I just months before he passed away....that was really special. I don't have many photos of my brother, so I wanted to make just the right layout with them. another one was one of my favorite photos of AJ and myself when he was about a year or so old, maybe a year and a half and the last one was one of Jeff and AJ and some fantastic shots my dad took of them. I've posted them all below.

Then, I got my new camera that I ordered last week. Of course it came on Monday, when I was already 2-1/2 hours away at work for the week, so I had to sit and think about all week long, knowing it was sitting there and I couldn't play with it. So of course, I ripped into that box last night too!

I also bought a new car this week...I really needed to, it was hard to say goodbye to my old car, it really treated me well for the 6 years I had it, but it was time to go. And I really wanted to go to an SUV for something different and knowing that we would be giving it to AJ when he starts driving in a couple of years made me want to go with something that would be safe and yet fun for a boy. So my new Kia Sorento (yes it's a manual 5 speed, I just had to have stick again) is just perfect!

And to top it all off, My Tally Scrapper Kit came in the mail too! It's going to be a fun weekend! LOL!


Kimmie0270 said...

Congrats! Your work is so amazing of COURSE you'd have multiple layouts published!

TheresaK said...

oh i love your work!!!!Congrats!!!!