Friday, September 11, 2009


Woohoo! Tally Scrapper is back! The new owner Brandy has some big shoes to fill following in Christine's footsteps! But I know she can do it! She's got a ton of energy and she's a ton of fun too! I am honored that Brandy asked me to be a part of her staff and am looking forward to helping Tally continue to grow! There will be big kits, card kits, great challenges and so much more! And the Survivor challenge is going to be starting soon too! So get on over to TALLY and check it out!


Ashley said...


You ended every sentence with an exclamation point! Just so you know!

Jan said...

Congrats on being on the Tally Team! I'm excited that things are picking back up again! I love exclamation points, too! lol

rachel whetzel said...

LMAO, Ashley!!
Congratulations, NIKKI!! You were a great asset to have on staff before. I know you will continue to be one now!!

Msippi said...

I am excited!!!!! Congrats on being on the team!