Sunday, October 11, 2009

art journaling

Okay, so I've decided I LOVE art journaling! I've been doing a lot of art journal cards thanks to my good friend Rachel (check out her awesome blog here) and A Year in the Life of an Art Journal. I have also been participating along with Emily Falconbridge's 52Q . And most recently I have decided that I really wanted to do a larger art journal book. So I went to a thrift store, picked up an old book...ripped it apart, mod podged and gesso'd some pages and got to work. I always thought the pages would take forever to do, but they don't...they are actually quite a bit quicker to do than I thought. My only problem is I have NO patience...I can't seem to wait for paint, gesso, mod podge, gels, dry! Well, wouldn't you know, I actually like some of the things I've done that came about because I COULDN'T wait! LOL! Anyway, Several months ago I got myself a copy of Journal Revolution and read through it page by page. I loved what I saw! This week I order a copy of Visual Chronicles by Linda and Karen as well. I can't wait to get it and see the inspiration that I'm sure it holds!


JessiW said...

I was doing those art journal challenges and somehow I ran out of time...I really want to get back into doing art journals though...they are so healing and fun!! I love paints and getting messy, so it's right up my alley. I love the pages on yours! Rachel is so inspirational. Enjoy your new book. Love, Jess

Vel said...

This is gorgeous! I'd love to do a "real" art inspire me to give it a shot.

.charity. said...

LOVE it!