Saturday, January 16, 2010

The First Prompt in the "A Year in the Life of an Art Journal" Journey!

Come join us at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal! It's going to be an incredible year of artful amblings, great inspiration, and glorious art! I'm honored to have been chosen to be a guest host in this year's journey! You'll get a couple of different prompts each month, one from Rachel herself, and one from a guest host!

Here's the first prompt!

There is so much to be said for symbolism. We started out the last year with a similar prompt, but I really feel like it's one that deserves to be visited.
What is holding you back? What is stopping you? What are you afraid of? What is keeping you from your potential? WHAT?!?
To start out, I wrote the things that have held me back or that I've heard from other people about what holds them back when it comes to art.

Now take all those things... and paint over them!! Cover them up, and take away their power. I used some alphabet stickers to spell the word WHAT and painted over it all. This is a technique called masking. It's similar to stenciling only in the reverse. One tip: and you can see where I didn't start out this way, because my W and a little of the H tore up the page as I pulled them off... Use UN-DU to remove your stickers. I used it over paint and everything, and it didn't smear or hurt anything!! LOVE that stuff. Plus, my vintage paper loved it too. No more tears for the other stickers as they came off. Cover your WHAT words as much or as little as you'd like. I left them showing a bit. Then I used a vintage label to say "what is holding me back? NOTHING. Kiss My ASS." (remember, what you say on your journal pages is up to YOU... and I have a sailor mouth. You don't have to cuss if you don't want to.) I also used some necklace chain over the word WHAT to symbolize being held back in the physical sense of the word.

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