Monday, January 17, 2011

The Pack is Hot! What a great game!

The game was amazing! I must admit, I thought it would be a close game so I was a little nervous going in...but it all worked out, the Pack was on fire and Aaron Rodgers led the team with confidence! We had such a terrific time! What amazed me most was how the Falcon fans left in droves toward the end of the 3rd quarter...there was still a lot of time left, so anything could happen, but apparently they gave up. Sad....

But us Packer fans were in it to the end and it was so incredible to see so many of us there. No matter where you looked before, during and after the game, there was Green and Gold! I had said to Jeff a couple of weeks back how I wished the Pack would change something up about their uniforms/colors...I mean green and gold???? just doesn't go with much...LOL...but now I wouldn't change it for couldn't miss the Packer fans...and in somebody else's house we stood out...and stood out strongly! It was awesome! Got some good pics, had an amazing time! Bring on the Bears!

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