Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Still Snowed in!

Being from WI originally, this 5 or 6 inches of snow we got over night Sunday and into Monday here in SC doesn't seem like a lot...but let me tell's shut the whole area down! Today is the 3rd day of school being called off. We can't get out of our driveway either. We don't own shovels anymore, we left those in WI...LOL! It just cracks me WI this would have been it's a major deal! They have nothing to clear the roads with. I mean, no plows, no sand, no salt...nothing! It isn't cost effective for the city to have them because they get snow so rarely. And usually if we do get a bit of snow, it melts the next day. But, not this time. It's so cold that now everything is covered with ice and black ice. It has certainly been an interesting. I love it! A little something different for a change.