Saturday, August 28, 2010

AJ got a hole in one!

AJ and Jeff were out golfing last Sunday and AJ got his first ever HOLE IN ONE! It was a 170 yard par 3 with an elevated green. You can see the flag from the tee box, but you can't really see the ball when it hits. They knew AJ's shot was on the green, but couldn't tell exactly where. They got up to the green and didn't see the ball anywhere and were a little baffled by that. AJ said "well I guess I'll check the cup then" and sure enough, there it was! So it was awesome to get the Hole in One, but a bit of a bummer that they couldn't see it go in and cheer about it from the tee box...Jeff did take a picture of AJ taking the ball out of the cup with his of course I had to scrap it!

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