Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan 15th Prompt - Musical Musings - Year in the Life of an Art Journal

Love the first A Year in the Life of an Art Journal prompt for 2011! I'm so excited to go on this art journey again this year. If you haven't checked out A year in the Life, please will be full of amazing inspiration all year long! Come on over and join us!

The prompt -
THE SONG: Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer (the player is to your right in the sidebar if you'd like to take a listen.)
Written Lyrics HERE.

What I created...


rachel whetzel said...

Nikki!! I love this!! Great page.

Marit said...

Fabulous Nikki!!! Great picture and perfect words! I'm working on my last page for 2010 right now, and then hope to catch up with you gals on this first prompt... looking forward to this year filled with new prompts and music!

Sherry said...

Great page! I wanted a picture of actual feet, but knew that I would not get it printed right away and decided not to wait. Love the birds!

JgWM said...

Congratulations on your publication!

Just picked up the magazine today. Love our article and your work is beautiful! GREAT job!- Gayle

Irma said...

saw your work in the winter 2011 ART awesome!
I'm just starting to test the waters of art journaling with my toes. Your site is great inspiration, thanks for sharing ;)

Deepti Shahi said...

I loved this page

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